Wake Up Everybody

MessagesWake Up EVERYBODY written by John Whitehead and made popular by Teddy Pendergrass has been updated with an upbeat sound of today. It’s time for a Wake-Up Call. “Wake Up Everybody” sounds the alarm. “The world won’t get no better if we just let it be . . . got to change it now, just you and me.
Wake Up Everybody!

The Last recorded songs of renowned singer-songwriter John Whitehead, now assembled in CD and mp3 format need to be heard by the masses. They send Inspirational uplifting Messages of Love, Light and Freedom.

It was John’s last wish before he passed that his inspirational ‘Message’ songs go out to the World. John’s vision was that these wonderful songs would be as great if not greater than his songs that were nominated for Grammys such as “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now.” You can help make it happen and grant John Whitehead’s Last Wish!

With the World in turmoil, people divided, drugs everywhere and violence rearing its ugly head in our cities and towns, The Love of Money is replacing the Love of God and for God. It is High Time We The People Stand Tall, Wake Up Everybody, Let Freedom Ring and Finally I’ve Seen The Light. This is John’s Message To The World.

While tragically John is no longer with US, his Spirit lives on in his Music. Believe It Or Not this is the reason Why we must Let the Music Play.