Finally I’ve Seen The Light – Sing a New Song – Tribute to John Whitehead – #FinallySeenTheLight

Finally I’ve Seen The Light was performed by Stephanie and written by John Whitehead

The Last recorded songs of renowned singer-songwriter John Whitehead, must be heard by the World. They send Inspirational Uplifting Messages of Freedom, Love and Light. It was John’s last wish before he passed that his inspirational ‘Message’ songs go out to the masses.

John prophesied that these wonderful songs would be as great if not greater than his songs that were nominated for Grammys such as “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now.”

You can help make it happen and grant John Whitehead’s Last Wish!

Please share “Finally I’ve Seen The Light” with others and send it Viral.
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With the World in turmoil, people divided, drugs everywhere and violence rearing its ugly head in our cities and towns, The Love of Money is replacing the Love of God and for God. It is high time We The People Stand Tall, Wake Up Everybody, Let Freedom Ring, so we can sing Finally I’ve Seen The Light. This is John’s Message to The World.

While tragically John is no longer with US, his spirit lives on in his music. Believe It Or Not this is the reason Why we must Let the Music Play.

Let’s send a Message In A Rainbow, make John’s songs go viral and pay tribute to the man they called Mr. Music!

  • All Titles of John Whitehead songs are in Bold Print.

For More about the Tribute to John Whitehead > Visit the website of Rita Israel’s Queen of Song.

“O sing unto the Lord a new song: for he hath done marvelous things…”  Psalm 98

(Famous for “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”)
37 Gold & Platinum Albums, 3 Grammy Nominations
PAUL BERMAN featured on Saxophone

John Whitehead’s Last Wish was that his Inspirational Message Songs of Light and Love Go Out To The Whole World.


Finally I’ve found myself
In a world of happiness
The world I lived in yesterday
Has changed and I’ve been truly blessed

Suddenly this road I walk
Don’t seem to be so rough (Oh No)
Giving the praises to my Lord above
Believe me that’s enough

Finally I’ve seen (Finally I’ve seen the light)
And I know that’s alright
I’ve seen the light (yeah)
And everything is gonna be alright

Suddenly I wake up
And the world around me has changed
Everybody’s looking at me so different
Everybody’s looking at me so strange – What’s wrong with them?

Walked down the street my friend
I got a brand new glow on my face (Yes)
They don’t know I’m a brand new member
Of what they call the human race

Finally I’ve seen (Finally I’ve seen the light)
It woke me up this morning!
I’ve seen the light (yeah)
And everything is gonna be alright

Oh.. I’ve Seen the Light.. Yeah
And every thing is gonna be alright

If you want Him to bless you
Then never, (never give Him up)
If you want God to protect you
Never, never give Him up

Oh If you want God to love you
Never, (never give Him up)
If you want Him to protect you
Never, (never give Him up)


I’ve seen the light
Feel the power… Oh Oh Oh Oh…

The glare.. Oh…it woke me up this morning
Once I was blind… Now I see
Feel it, Yeah

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  2. Crispin Waugh

    God should always be paramount. Obedience to Him and world peace should be the whole of humanity’s goal.
    Yet it is tragic that John’s work should be plagiarized for a Christian cause when he lived and died a Muslim. For those who wish proof of this, visit his modest grave at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia and see the name under his birthname: Yahya (‘John’ in Arabic).

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